Armour needs to be more stratified

I think people hate to choose their gear based on points. We have all these gents that like to role play, but you can either look the way you want or you can have the maximum armour points.

I think armour should be divided in 6- peasant, light, light medium, medium, medium heavy, and heavy. Same armour protection across the board. You buy your class of armour based on your fighting style or strength or poverty. But then you can get your own individual look without having to sacrifice points cuz of vanity.

I have noticed people only want diversity in weapons- the speed/power/reach combos fascinate people. But not so for armour. People just want to look pretty according to their level of protection.

So I’d say just give 6 stats for armour. Keep it simple, and let us choose our look instead of “points” choosing our look for us.

I always did wonder why my straw hat wasnt 60+ armor, didnt really make any sense.

Indeed sacrifying some points to get the look I wanted is something that I’ve already done in warband. But I’m not sure if giving a limited number of options for the stats is a good idea. It would help the balancing though.

No way, keep it realistic. MUH IMMERSUNNN Better solution is just to have a lot of different styles/cultures, so everyone can pick and choose and mix to their hearts desire. Honestly cRPG already had a shit ton of combinations - the only problem was that different items had different quality textures etc, so not everything matched with everything else. But that shouldn’t be a problem in Bannerlord I don’t think.

Also, more importantly, if the stats of armor(and str requirements) are logical then there’s the cool factor of being able to tell at a glance, even as a noob, what kind of chance or how many hits roughly it will take to take someone down. Without having to learn all the armors.