Character build affecting character appearance

I think it would be a very nice touch for character stats to change their appearance, for example:

  • Strength to Agility ratio can dictate character weight slider (eg. even agi-str would be at 30% slider, and then go from there)
  • Absolute strength (let’s say on a scale from 3 to 27) can affect the character build slider.

It would not only add flavour to the game it can also serve a gameplay purpose of identifying enemies’ build if you are attentive enough.


That’s a nice idea for sure.
On the other hand it would remove the ability to fully customize your character. I know some people really like their character customization.
What do you guys think about it?

In my opinion it would encourage players to make their build suit their roleplay, in a way, or vice-versa in some cases.

Does character weight impact the hitboxes in Bannerlord? I know that changing your length makes it easier/harder to get hit as well as changing your kick’s range.

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I’d be really wary to do anything that would impact hitboxes.

I think it does. The character speed is also impacted as far as I remember.

if it doesn’t affect my face then i’m down with it, i still want to look like a child with autism that was beaten with a rock until his face was deformed


Yeah, I always try to make my character look as much like me in real life too.

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Im still proud of this :slight_smile:

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