cRPG Bannerlord release date news

TL;DR - Shortly after the custom servers are released, which is not soon.

The purpose of this topic is to keep everyone updated with the latest news on when cRPG Bannerlord is able to be played in multiplayer (it’s already possible to play it in singleplayer here).

Why can’t we play cRPG Bannerlord in multiplayer?

Whilst the modding tools are currently in beta and modders are going ham with the singleplayer, to develop a mod on the MP side server files are needed to host custom servers which players can connect to. TaleWorlds has not released these files yet.

When are the custom server files going to be released?

It’s unknown what the status of the custom server files currently is. At the start of early access, they were aiming to release the files at the end of early access.




On steam, TaleWorlds mention that they aim to be in Early Access for roughly one year.



However, as of writing, it’s only a few weeks before Bannerlord has been in EA for a whole year. And the game is nowhere near a stable version that can be released, which in turn is delaying the release of custom server files.




Given the development speed of TaleWorlds, it’s gonna be a while before the server files are released. Perhaps they will shed some light on the issue once they hit the one year mark of EA.

Where does that leave cRPG? Well, there is some good news.

Once we can host custom servers, how long will it take to develop cRPG?

The singleplayer version (again, which you can find here) is already connected to the cRPG database. You can have a character that earns gold and XP while fighting bots, buy items to equip and train skills and stats, which will all be saved (but will be reset once multiplayer releases). The back-end is in place, all that remains is to configure the custom server to connect with it.

It’s hard to give a reliable ETA since it’s unknown how the custom servers are going to work, but it really shouldn’t be more than a few weeks to have a multiplayer cRPG up and running after the custom server files are available.

Can I help speed up the release date of cRPG?

I’m glad that you ask! The team is currently in need of a game developer to enhance the NPC waves mode and develop the multiplayer once the server files are out. They shouldn’t be afraid to get their hands dirty by decompiling taleworlds code and understanding how it works.
Aside from that we also need a front-end developer to help @or1e design the website plus the interfaces for strategus. If you are interested, contact @takeo for more information.