Field maps matching the world map

Would it be a lot of work to have maps for field battles that look a bit like the terrain on the world map? With the map editor even idiots like me can make a map, especially if its just terrain.

This would add a lot of strategy since you could if you were lucky (or smart) be able to choose the terrain you fight on, and have an army built accordingly. If you are mainly infantry you’d try for dense woods, if you were big on range you might hole up in the mountains, if you love cav you’d go for wide open fields. We could make maps with roads, with swamps, with narrow mountain passes or bridges or fords. Some would be awful to attack, some would be easy (of course we’d keep the miserable ones to a minimum).

I think we could have enough map makers, I’m just wondering if its possible to do it.

This feature is being implemented by talesworld on native :

We hope to be able to simply port it to strategus