Heirloom points over lv 31

Hey guys…
I played c-rpg in warband and I thnink you got more than 1 loompoint if your over lv 31.
So my question is, can i get 3 points with lv 38 or something or only get 1 and retire at lv 31 ?

Thank you!

The current plans are that cRPG will assume the same XP and loompoint system as in Warband, meaning only 1 loompoint can be gained from retiring, no matter your lv above 31. This is not set in stone however, it might change once the mod is further in development.

OK thank you… one more question about the tetirement. Is the xp multiplier stacking each time I retire ?

That is true. Still we can discuss what are the pros/cons here of offering more heirloom points for retiring after level 31. For now, the experience required for each level after 30 follow an exponential function (a simple x2 for each level actually) so one could deserve more heirloom points by retiring after level 32. However, what I would like is that the fastest way to gain points remains by retiring at level 31. That would decrease the average level of players and newbies don’t have to fight only people lvl 38.

Yes, the experience multiplier is increase by a flat 0.03%. In the singleplayer mod there is a small bug that only shows the experience gained before the multiplication.

Yes sounds good for me not to fight only lv 38…

Ok thank you, I was wondering why I still get same xp in Gen 2. But if its a bug and I get the extra xp for my charakter thats fine.

Level has never been a real issue, its been alot more about skill. :slight_smile:

I don’t think we should have level multiplyer each time you retire. If the multiplyer is to low, the difference is quite useless but if it’s to big, the older you get the quicker you are to gain more multiplyer and heirloom point.
Also XP levels should be the same function what ever your level is. It’s easyer to understand and easyer to maintain.