I am forming an Order,It is called Order of Saint Yuhmaz

Hello this is Great Master Yuhmaz of Order of Saint Yuhmaz,

1-)If u wish to join the order you need to take a chastity wow,which presupposes u are a virgin.
2-)U need to swear u will locate and ‘rip’ the bones of ‘rest in peace’ player.
3-)U need to be autistic.
4-)You need to duel with yeldur and lose him on purpose in order to prove he is the perfect male kind sent here by god to glorify the holy land of autists.
5-)Admins-mods and other ppl who can mute me can not join my order.

ty applications will be considered by Comittee of Autism and will notify the result within a week.

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I am forming a better order called Yuhmaz is a bitch, every one is welcome.


I was ready to join you but #4 is a deal breaker. Sry

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ok 4th one is abolished,u may join my dear monkey.

Hello Sheriff Yuhmaz of Yuhmaz
ok ok i do all requisites