Minor suggestion: eye-friendly background

I don’t know how easy this is to achieve since the forum is probably built on templates but

a background color that goes easy on the eyes would be nice, some kind of pergament yellow-ish (same for the website). Digital artists also often fill their workspace with a mild brown-yellow tone because pure white is exhausting for the eyes. Would also remind us a bit of the old crpg website, which also had a yellow-ish pergament tone

Just a suggestion though. If it’s too much work, ignore it and rather do your magic on the mod itself, thanks :slight_smile:

There are many themes we can chose from but I would like to build a visual identity for crpg and apply it on this forum as well as c-rpg.eu. In the meantime, you can set a dark theme in your user profile.

Btw the software running the forum is called Discourse if you want to know the possibilities.


dark theme gang


awesome, thanks for the reply

Ikarooz has joined the dark theme gang

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Bright white is awesome if you are on your phone and you can’t be bothered turning the flashlight on… but yeah, for reading it does kinda suck.