My recommendations

I’ve played a lot of strategus. Here are my recommendations:

  1. different maps for different continents (EU/NA). It seems like you are already planning for it and thats a good thing.

  2. Don’t do factions again. It was an okay idea but it really, really, really didn’t work.

  3. Make a tutorial for it. I made one for the factions version of strat and I think a video like that would have helped a lot earlier. Maybe do a series of tutorials for it where you show how everything works. If no one else wants to do it I can.

  4. Be more transparent. In strat there was a lot of things you just didn’t know if someone didn’t tell you, like Mules working as fast mounts despite being cheaper than sumpters which didn’t lol.

  5. Make generating troops faster but have caps on garrisons to force fighting. I’m pretty sure we made this change to the newest strat but it didn’t matter. I think this is overall a good change because it will make people have to use their ticks or just waste them.

  6. Add the trade zones map mode to just the website so we don’t have to use an extension for it. If you don’t know what it was, it just showed you how far you’d have to move from a fief to get a certain % increase in the trade good value.

Theres probably more, this is just off the top of my head.


big agree with all of these

All good, but I don’t understand what you mean by factions… oh, being forced to play a culture. It was kinda cool that you wouldn’t have the cookie cutter armies, but do you think I really wanted to be a Khergit? And some people will just not fight with certain weapons.

I would like to see best armours getting the same stats, so people can get what they want visually without sacrificing stats.

To be fair, the Longbow was the best over the warbow etc.

My point of view about all the points you make :

  1. I totaly agree

  2. Clans, factions, kingdoms, empires, etc are clearly something needed in a massive sand box battle game. But i think that there should be rules of engagment.

  3. I totaly agree

  4. I can’t desagree

  5. I’m totaly for a kind of limit in the number of tickets per players army and garrison. Limited armies and strat movement - #7 by Bryggan

  6. I think a system of offer and demand could be more efficient than basic “trade distance”.

For #2, I’m not saying no player clans btw. I guess I could have been more clear for people who didn’t play strat 8 or whichever one it was. In that one, we changed it so each equipment could only be produced at certain fiefs and only clans of that faction could use that equipment. I’m not saying having clans and stuff.

Ok I see, No regional stuff.

Perhaps have villages randomly produce one good out of 20, and cities would need to buy each of those 20 goods. Perhaps have village population decide how much is produced (if you take villagers out as soldiers you basically lose money), and city population would be decided by how much of each of the 20 goods they have in stock.