Strat map movement

If you’ve ever tried blockading a fief, you have to check the map every three hours or so. I myself have done the ‘midnight runs’ a few times, either to reinforce a castle or just get through enemy territory with a caravan. Being in the west helps a lot due to the time difference.

But it is a little unfair. I think army movement should only be visible during primetime hours as well. You could enter your army’s movement at any time, but it would only actually start moving during primetime. And once primetime was over, it would freeze until the next day.

Not only would this save you having to set your alarm every three hours at night to check the map, but it would also save me having to look at my phone constantly while at work.

I’d be more inclined to have a siege function where if you have X amount of troops you can blockade an area and have a similar mechanic to breaking through enemy lines etc over such a limit.

Yeah, that would be awesome… but it doesn’t address midnight runs just to get past enemies- like caravans.

How doesn’t it? if you’re blockading/besieging the settlement as a mechanic but not attacking right away, it would cut off the enemy from reinforcing the village etc unless they attacked you. Such a feature could let you sit there indefinitely and either the defence sallies out or sits back.

if such a feature was added you shouldn’t add attrition simply to balance out a smaller clan vs a larger clan, but such a thing needs to work both way. That way a fair fight is at least given to both sides, and the market is still available to the defenders and population still grows. maybe affect the prosperity with the amount of goods produced while the siege is underway could be worked but that would be a difficult one to gauge.

I like the besieging without attacking idea.
@Bryggan i’m not sure about limiting movement to prime time. I was more thinking about notifications. There would be a way for you to add rules to your settings that would affect when you would get notification. Like “whenever my character sees an army of at least 50% my size” , notify me. So you would not have to constantly check

An addition to that thought process, it stops reinforcements from people outside the settlement/ they cannot enter when its besieged. So that way if there is an army on the inside of the settlement its still possible to reinforce from that.

Like in solo, if you whant to reinforce a garnison, you’ll have to force the blockade of the sieging army and in case of unsucessful attempt, a Battle is programed betwin the blockade runner army and a chosen part of the sieging army. The defenders could totaly join the battle too.

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But I don’t want to get notifications at 4 am. @ATS_Sellka your idea is great for blockades, but not for… shall we call them smugglers. I would risk runs at 2 am PST with a small caravan through enemy territory knowing easterners would be asleep. It always worked.

If there was a passive way to attack smaller enemies in your area while you were AFK, that would be great. But then you would have to consider nearby armies that might reinforce, and trying to decide who was an enemy and who wasn’t. Neutrals aren’t always neutral.

Another idea I had that everyone will probably hate is having battles happen immediately instead of waiting 24 hours. The advantage is that you know who is on, and when you sign people they will actually be there.

I guess the disadvantage is for defenders who will not have a day to rally their mercs since they will never really know when they might be attacked. Of course if you could see an enemy in your range a day before you could ask all your friends to be on… and if you are not attacked, well then, at least NA1 will be populated.

Oh, another problem I just realized is reinforcements. We could do the ‘within area’ to reinforce, but that would require your allies to be online at the exact right time.

But, ok, maybe immediate battles are out (unless you can think of some more pros). BUT I have had guys reinforce me at 3 am, and it was horrible for them. We set our alarms, thanked each other groggily and tried getting back to sleep before going to work. I would much rather have this happen during the day.

Perhaps if movement was frozen from midnight to 12 noon EST. We can check our armies on our phones, and then message our mercs before 6 pm EST should we think we are in danger…

I dunno… discuss… maybe you gave a better idea

You’re complaining about people reinforcing then hur dur I wanna do my stupid time smuggling. - you get one thing or you neckbeard it.

And yes the battles happening instantly is terrible and wouldn’t work for the most Part. The whole point of that was as you said people rally their forces, but it allows people to set aside time to actually play.

-addition- lemme just attack or siege at 2am with a couple of neckberds, opp no one signed for defence bye bye.

There was a preference set for battles so if you were attacked it would push it towards that time in the previous iteration. ^thats if memory serves me right, I remember this being an issue and this was the resolve for it. - if you didn’t set it, it was tough shit.

Oh, I was just thinking out loud. I’m not complaining about reinforcements, I was complaining about waiting a day. BUT… if everything happens before primetime, and battles only happen during prime time… and actually, just read what you said and… what?

Battles being limited to prime time was the best thing ever. Sorry, graveyard workers, the majority must rule on this one. I just wanted movement to happen during prime time too. And then I thought maybe we should not wait 24 hours to fight, but do it immediately. But then I though Nah, and was interested in your opinions.

And then I got your baffling statements. If you are drunker than I am, I suggest you call for medical help right away!

In the span of me slowly typing you got in another post. Then another soon after.

and not that many typos either… not bad for a drunk
Mind you, you have seen my posts- long and stupid and alcohol fueled, but few typos and typed rapidly.

Primetime is subject to the player base, when the mod is released it will be determined by the majority.

But we can’t all be autistic drunks- say what you gotta say!!!

I think the current prime time is ok- a little early for West Coasters, and a little late for easterners… but it seems the average player plays late.

I’ve been around the mod for a decade, prime time shifted from the east coast to central then more to the West. Most battles use to happen early in the evening for me. Roughly 6-10pm. We cannot put a limit to something we don’t know. When it started heading to west I could not play as much as I like, as the time battles generally happened were 1-3am for me.

Being vocal on here can affect development in good and bad ways. Most of your stance is on limiting things, which I’m not sure what your aim is but some things are the way they are for reasons in older strat.

For example the trading range was reduced to the point you has to be on top of someone because of lljk(lots of laughing jolly knights) exploiting it and bucketing an army across the map in seconds.

But for strat movement, I’d say 12 pm EST to 8 pm EST (right before the battle time) is reasonable. We can use our phones if we are at work or having a real life.

Armies will move 3X quicker because they have a third of the time to move, but that’s ok since they will move the same amount in a 24 hour period.

I realize asking for the battles to happen immediately would be nice, but also kind of stupid. People need warning, but also we had a lot of battles where many mercs were promised, but failed to show up. And many mercs signed for the lower roster (thinking they were balancing the battle) just to find they were ganking cuz half the other roster did not show up.

Actually, I’m gonna say let’s try the battle the same day. If you move from noon til 8 (or maybe 11 to 7 so there is an hour before battles) you can let people know in time. If they are online they are online- and odds are they will show up. No accidental ganking. And, at least in NA, most mercs don’t really care who they fight for unless their own faction is involved. With pseudonyms we can actually fight for fun.

I’ve found most NAers don’t give a damn. They are there for the fight and the XP (and hopefully gold). The one thing I’ve found that NAers want is a really good battle. My enemies have apologized for ganks, and I apologized to them for the same thing. The old model was once you signed, you were signed for the whole battle. And if half a team showed up, you either had to wreck them or quit the game. SO… If we had teams chosen by who was online, and not who “promised” to be there, and we had single life battles where you had the opportunity to switch teams every round… well then, battles would be even, and people would love the challenge.

The worst battles I’ve ever commanded were the ones where we got ganked… everyone was miserable. The second worst battles were the ones where we ganked. We weren’t miserable, but we weren’t happy. The second best battles were the ones we lost, but we gave them a nasty fight. We fought them tooth and nail, but eventually we were defeated. After game chat was cheerful and happy, and we all felt very awesome for fighting an extremely dramatic fight. Of course the most exhilarating were the ones where the enemy fought us tooth and nail, yet we still managed to win. The waves of relief and excitement once we realized we capped the flags are unapparelled.

So I really hated rosters. If it looked like you were ahead, everyone would join the other side. Then come battle time, half the early signers would not show up and it would be a mess. I actually planned my strategies on that, much like you plan a Risk strategy of only rolling twos. Fortunately the odds evened out, and our ganks were equal. But most of the battles were not fun. As a commander I would take relief in knowing that I wasted less gear and ticks by ganking, but even then… what the fuck is the point of playing a war game if your victories are empty and your defeats are random.

So I’m gonna push that movements happen only between 11 am to 5 pm EST, and battles happen the very same night.

TL;DR: Waiting a day leads to unreliable rosters. Move your armies from 11 am EST to T pm EST, then fight at 6 pm EST. Then we know who’s on, and we can make equal rosters if we so choose. One hour is the best to ask people to fight anyways, cuz generally they either forget or are not home.