Strategus Battle Flow

I’m starting to implement battles on Strategus and I have many decisions to make.

When a player attacks another one on the map it will create a battle. Since we are considering limiting the max size of an army (see Limited armies and strat movement), for 24 hours, close players on the map will be able to apply to join a side. While their application is not accepted they can still be attacked. If they move away from the battle or if there are no responses in the next X hours (X < 24), the application is automatically declined. Once accepted, the player is added to the battle and also become untargettable.

After the 24 hours of preparation, players from anywhere on the map can now join the battle as a mercenary. A mercenary is a player that will be able to join the server on which the battle is taking place. Players directly involved in the battle will share the mercenaries but with a limit depending on the size of their army. For example if one side has 1000 troops, 700 from a player, 300 from another one and that the battle is a 100vs100, the first player can choose 70 mercenaries while the second only 30. At the end of the selection, a server will be allocated for the battle.

This is how I see things. What do you think?


I like limiting the mercenaries based on size or armies, might make smaller battles take longer if there is a limit though.

It would be cool to see a moral implementation in big battles, probably a pipe dream, but if you had say a 700vs300 tickets 70v30 merc battle and the 30 win in the first to 300 kills to force a rematch where the lower army gets to have 70v30 mercs with the same amount of tickets left over.

Initial battle 700vs300
result 400vs150
so the good positive KD on the defenders creates a new battle in their favor

assumptions made about attacking army losses and defending army size

Suggestion :

  • Make it that it can be less than 24 hours depending on the state of the battle schedule.
    Let’s say a strategus battle ends in a draw at 23:00. I reattack the castle right after. The battle should be scheduled for tommorow around 18:00 . This is less than 24 hours. Maybe make it so a scheduled battle cannot happen less than 6 hours after the battle lock.

  • You can send a request to help before your army is close enough. If it’s accepted you just have to be there before the start of the battle. This way you can offer to help without staying idle in the middle of nowhere , and you’re not in danger if they take too long to answer.

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While I really, really, really like the idea of the number of mercs depending on the size of the army, I don’t think this would work if you go for the TDM respawn style since the flags would be capped immediately. HOWEVER… if we do the single battle style, the poor tiny army would have a chance to hurt the bigger army if they are better players.

Not decided if there will be flags. But I think the function converting troops to mercenaries shouldn’t be linear 300 vs 1000 troops -> 30 vs 100 but more like 300 vs 1000 troops -> 50 vs 100 mercenaries and 800 vs 1000 troops -> 100 vs 100 mercenaries. Since more than additions are involved here I’ll let @_Pecores_Namidaka handle that :slight_smile: .

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