Strategus character for battles

In Strategus Warband, the first time you entered the map, you had to choose a main character that you will fight your Strategus battles with. This character couldn’t be changed afterwards.

For Strategus Bannerlord, I would like players to apply to battles with any of their characters. Once applied, the class of your character is computed from your stats and the player picking the mercenaries will be able to choose archers, cavalry, infantry depending on their strategy for the battle.

What do you think?


It would offer a lot more versatility during battles, would it be locked so that the first character you join on is X character and you cannot change once selected? Or would you be able to change mid-fight without rerolling your build?

That would be awesome, it was a pain to have to switch characters, will also help to build more unique armies (HA horde time).

This is needed. So many battles were lost because we couldn’t balance classes. As long as we don’t have the long sledge hammer it should be good.

It would be locked for a single battle. That adds a nice RP touch, you would know that in your army, you have 20% infantry, 10% cavalry, etc.

based, sounds good to me, i like the idea of being able to have multiple characters ready for battles.

Of course, with that there will also be the fact that you’ll have to level up those characters… Do you think that XP Sharing or anything could be added into the game? Like, for example if you wanted to you could choose to share your XP with your other characters, sorta like this:

I have two characters, Yeldur and ladoea → I get 1000 xp → I share that XP → It splits the XP up amongst the two characters, 500 xp goes to Yeldur and 500 to ladoea

Essentially it means that you get to passively train your other characters whilst sacrificing speedier levelling on the char you play primarily.

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Would you know another game having this kind of mechanism, it sounds unusal. If having several characters is too difficult we should rework the experience but as far as I remember it wasn’t an issue in cRPG Warband.

I don’t really know of a specific game that uses it, but it’s pretty simple in concept, instead of pushing all of your XP into that character, it splits it amongst your characters in general.

It’s not so much that having multiple characters is difficult so much as it is that crpg was always a grind based game, and offering a way to… I guess grind those levels at a slower rate, but at a more balanced amount to level up your characters in the background

Some of us played for fun, and got the XP as a bonus