Strategus Map

Hello, since multiplayer servers aren’t available anytime soon, we are starting to design Strategus and we need your input.

From Mount&Blade Wiki:

Strategus is a multiplayer campaign for cRPG where players can aquire fiefs and land and gather armies on a real-time map. Strategus expands the world of cRPG character to a browser-based map of Calradia, where players take their armies into battle against other players or serve as a mercenary in scheduled battles on the cRPG servers.

TL;DR it’s Bannerlord solo but in multiplayer.

You can reply to this topic to add (counter) arguments to the below suggestions. If you want to suggest features for the new Strategus, open a new topic.

Issue #1: timezone and latency

One important issue with Strategus is that people in France can encounter people from China and could result in a laggy battle at 3 a.m. To address that problem we suggest below several Strategus maps so this case is less likely to happen.

The exact same map with the exact same settlements as the solo will be used but with one duplicate by region. You cross a region at your own risk of lags and being attacked in the night.

Suggestion #1: 4 mirrored regions

Each region plays on its own map but they are all glued together so people from different regions can still interact from trading for instance.


  • interaction between regions
  • we can see what’s going on on each region
  • regions are clearly separated by mountains or desert


  • Which region is playing on the left-bottom corner

Suggestion #2: 3 horizontally mirrored regions


  • the separation between regions is cleaner


  • Asia cannot interact with Europe

Suggestion #3: Islands

Each region is on its own island.


  • 0 chance that a battle occurs between different regions


  • 0 interactions with other regions

Issue #2: borders

In the solution #1 there are Rosarch-like patterns in the center. In the below image I see a bee but depending on how cool your childhood was you might see something else.

Also, since cities are mirrored one could lose some game immersion by seeing 4 times the same city on a single map.

Suggestion #1: Not a problem

We consider it’s not a problem.

Suggestion #2: teleportation

Whenever you cross the borders of your region, you are teleported to the other side.


I think it’s important to know what kind of map we are getting - 2d web browser one like last c-RPG, or an actual one in-game that we can interact with. If it’s a web one it’s not too hard to draw some new terrain and introduce some intermediary region, however it would be a little harder with an actual in-game map.

Personally I think travel by boat - eg. from port to port between regions is the nicest one, makes sense that you are traveling far into unknown region etc.


I am sorta almost thinking islands would be better. It’s just that NA has a tendency to use up armies as soon as they get them, where Eu has this tendency to keep building up armies and money. This is fine for Eus, but it can really mess up the NA map.

A simple solution would be to have the wages of armies be men X gear, so a shiny 1000 man army would cost 10 times as much as a lightly armed 1000 man army. Also increase the distance between the continents so it would be worthwhile to have small caravans crossing (and small bandit parties), it would be a massive undertaking to send large armies.

At the moment it’s gonna be 2d Web browser. I’ve managed to make a very high resolution capture of the map 60000x75000 pixels.

Does it mean no interactions (e.g. trading) between regions? I don’t think people will bother crossing the sea just to get in another map with high ping.


I liked the raiding of EU even if it meant shit hours, I wouldn’t want the isolated option, trading between regions is essential as well. Islands would be neat if there were just a few ports that people could bring armies and trade from other regions, would make those cities much more valuable and add strategic value.


My favorite idea is separated server regions where a port city can teleport you to any other port of your choice for money. Each region could have special trade resources or equipment unique to that region which would drive people to trade between server regions. They could hire native mercenaries to protect them while trading or fight wars against foreign invaders. (The defenders would have a lag advantage)


If you made port cities though they would be highly valuable, maybe like two major port cities, some port castles and a spattering of port villages would be dope.

Also way far down the road map, sea battles would be awesome too.


I think there would still be a lot of interaction like others said, and it can introduce interesting strategic component to this.

You can go as far as designating different “ports” to be more or less capable - eg. large city ports would be capable of sending and receiving large armies and trading caravans with a lot of goods, while small landings can only support small raiding parties.

Would also open an invaluable opportunity to roleplay sea trade :smiley:


and sea raiders,


once custom maps are possible I think something like this would be really cool

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There have been several Eu invasions, and they usually had 10X the men and 10X the gear. Usually NA united against them and easily defeated them, thereby giving the defenders a massive amount of looted shiny stuff. We also had one time where there were enough cowardly traitors who invited Eu armies in because they were afraid of losing to the most wonderful, clever, good looking, best smelling Empires ever, and their massive numbers, shiny gear and backstabbing NAers quickly swept over the good guys’ lands.

And, as an aside, I did ask for reinforcements from their Eu enemy, but he wanted 300USD. Which means some of your less wealthy Eu nationals might temp some of our more affluent NAers.

I would prefer to use the Bannerlord solo map so we can reuse things like settlements position and scene for battles. Also, we could brand cRPG as Bannerlord solo but in multiplayer :slight_smile:


^this, rebuilding a complete map would be too much work. That’s time and effort that I would rather like to see invested in any other sector of the mod

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hi lads, how is it going? Namidaka was so kind to keep me a bit in the loop about this project and i am glad you keep the candle burning. (wasnt sure where else to post htis so sorry=) for that)

on topic:

One of the best interactions from the side of a leader were the diplomatic talks with other faction members. So i wouldn’t mind having a map which is not seperated, but similar to the original strat you see the part you play on and then would need to move outside to have interaction on the other parts. It also makes people need to interact with trading partners for exchanging goods and any human interaction which then could also lead to some fun times in ts or discord i would see beneficial.

Meanwhile there is a need for sleep and i just couldn’t handle it anymore as i did it in 2010/2011 with weeks barely sleeping. if i remember correctly the sleep time was individual to be setted, which seems prudent, but also could lead to some trolling. That mechanic needs to be waterproof. I would go for at 10 hours of each day where noone could fuck with me. Besides sleep even nolifers need to eat and have a resemblance of a ritualistic life otherwise we become vegetable.

I saw a few days back a video where a Crusader Kings 3 battle was uploaded into Bannerlord. Naturaly was i wondering then if the same could be done similarly with Valheim and Bannerlord. Like you built your villages, towns and castles in Valheim and export them into Bannerlord. Would that be doable or would someone even warm up to that idear?

Also for troop managment, strategies and coordination, back then we developed a tool in conjunction and aproval by the dev team so that line of sight and other information depending on rank and diplomatic status could be interchanged between Clan members. Something like that i would like to see again but perhaps included from the get go.

Anyways till next time and have a good one :slight_smile:


So I’m not sure for which map you would vote. Is it the islands one?

This is a different topic but we’re thinking about it. Battles will probably take place during a very restricted time window.

This is not a direction we would like to take.

Since they are ~400 settlements we could also have a single map split in three. It would require visuals to identity borders betwen regions but it has the advantage to make smaller maps for regions with less players. Also, not having duplicated maps or settlements would greatly the role play aspect.

What do you think?

I’m definetely against this.
It would add virtual borders that you would cross without even know , or require that we edit the map to show this virtual border.
It would be detrimental to roleplay. on EU we used to have Wolves and Nords in the snow , GK would control the steppes etc.

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I just realize that Bannerlord has twice the number of settlements Warband had. I don’t think we will fill this map with players (at least for the first season) so that comforts me in splitting a single map.

This is a simple layer to add over the map, very easy.

We would indeed lose that aspect but we would not have several instances of the same world which is also detrimental for the role play.

Also, I think beeing able to see everyone on the same map is a very cool feature.