The Russians have a working coop bannerlord mod

Thoughts? Are crpg devs able to learn from the russians’ mod powers? Any Russians or euros able to try it and tell us how it is?

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Fucking awesome.

We’ve thought about making our own server code but we quickly gave up the idea for two reasons:

  1. People have tried making multiplayer mods during the beta of Bannerlord and have been shutdown by TaleWorlds. I really wonder what’s TaleWorlds stance on the Coop mod. I guess considering Resonant influence, it’s difficult for them to say anything now.
  2. Making our own server would be extremely time consuming and we have limited human resource.

So we will patiently wait for private servers. In the meantime we are developping Strategus.

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I said we should recruit them. As it stands right now - they have the same problem we do, no server files. So there is no PVP.

Watch the video, they have PVP

There’s some ATS playing - haven’t been able to initiate combat unless entering the arena.

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They’re basically redoing talesworld work from scratch. We clearly don’t have enough manpower/time to do the same.
They’re game seems to be way more Mmorpg than cRPG. cRPG/Strategus isn’t gonna be about cultivating carrots , and selling them.

I imagined that the persistant wank crew would be the first to get started, they had some die hard fans.

Their Dev team is only 4 people, really damn impressive. They plan on opening EU and NA server when they are further on in development according to one of their devs

Only 4 people? And they are making about $5K a month on Patreon. Considering that average Russian income is 5 grand, these boys are rich!

i don’t have a brain to form opinions but these boys got rich dayum