The strat economy

Currently the only real way to make money is to trade, and taxes are really just used by large clans to discourage others from taking their SD.

So, to make things more interesting and to help us focus on war I suggest the following:

Have villages only produce raw products… say hides, fish, grain, wool, grapes, iron, wood, livestock, pelts, olives, hops and clay. These are sold at the cities, where people could own workshops that turn them into leather, dried fish, bread, cloth, wine, tools, lumber, beef, fur, olive oil, beer and pottery.

Every city has a market place where these products are gradually purchased by the populace, driving the prices up. Anything that is not produced locally has to be imported, and of course some local products will be exported.

The village owners get 75% of the sale of the raw goods, while the delivery guy gets the other 25%. City owners get 50% of the finished goods price and the workshop owners get the other 50%. Traders make their money by taking advantage of price differences between cities.

A village produces raw materials based on its population, so if it is attacked it won’t produce much for awhile. And, if an enemy does grab a village, he won’t be able to sell locally, but will have to bring his goods to the nearest friendly city he can find that has the right workshop.

One thing that sort of is required is the ability to bar clans and individuals from trading in your cities. Being able to lock the door so to speak.

can’t u just wait for long posts this is a new forum ,off with you.

I like the idea of player based economy.
But I think that the percentages of the price taken by the lord of the fief should be let at the lord preference. I will think about it.

This topic comes a little too early. I don’t think I will implement any kind of economy for the first version of Strategus. The only way to get gold will be by playing the game.

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We only get gold from grinding? Ugh.

I have seen what you have done already in the time you had, and assuming it will be another two years before Taleworlds releases MP modding tools… well…

Not sure what you mean. If the servers are only released in two years I would have probably gave up by that time :sweat_smile:

I’m not sure this is quite a good idea, unless you also add in $$ for participating in battles like we had towards the end of Strat 7/8. Some people don’t have time to grind and i am not sure that it is best to gate keep strat behind having to spend 5hrs a day on NA1/EU1.

Yeah, there were a lot of good commanders who just couldn’t grind. Perhaps if fiefs paid the owners rents. This would put most of the money in a few hands, but since they can’t spend it all on their own armies, they would equip their clan mates and vassals, plus hire mercenary armies.

This would also make owning villages worthwhile… and to be honest, I’d prefer that over trading for income. So I’d say a little silver from cRpg, better silver from strat battles, a decent amount of silver from villages, quite a bit of silver from castles and a lot of silver for cities.

I mean, this is a war game, not a trading simulator

I don’t have unlimited time anyway so I guess it will be a first step :slight_smile:

Ok, completely potentially crazy idea here… @takeo what if Strategus paid in Gold instead of Silver?

Crazy idea? Maybe. Totally insane? Yes. But imagine this: Fiefs pay rents to their owners (instead of just grinding, which nobody except no-lifers who live in their mothers’ basements would like), but they pay in gold.

These fief owners would rake in the cash, but they would have to spend it to keep it. First of all, they would spend it on their own troops, but with a troop limit they can only spend so much. So the next thing they would spend it on is on their clan member’s troops. Once their active clan members are armed, they would probably have to balance paying “mercs” to fight and hiring mercenary armies to support them… and they could use the money to bribe people, pay off superior forces (a Danegeld so to speak) or give as a tribute.

The positive side is that while strat silver has no value outside of Strategus, gold can always be used, and it would inspire more people to get involved.

The negative side is that it will definitely cause inflation on the cRpg side, which is fine since LPs are the gold standard, but if you don’t play strat then you are fucked. And then there are those who might use all their fief income on themselves, but if they are independent odds are they will get rect and if they are in a clan then odds are they will get booted and invaded.

I kinda see cRpg 2 as the reverse of cRpg. Strategus should be for money, while cRpg should be for XP. Of course we would need more money sinks. Quite a few people seem to like designing armour and weapons, so why not add super fancy armour and weapons that just looks pretty but has the same stats as the regular crap- except it costs a shit load- just so people can show off.

So, being able to pay people in what they want instead of silver (has anyone seriously asked for silver for being a merc? In all my battles, it was only noobs who requested cuz they thought it meant something.

But the inflation or possibly deflation does not really matter. As I said, LPs are the gold standard. Any poor bastard who refuses to stratify can still earn and sell a loom point, but he might be wearing non-brand name armour while doing it.

But, I kinda think it might be a good thing, but I have some nagging suspicions there are things I did not think about. So feel free to tell my why you think I’m an idiot (only relating to Strategus please).